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What is plab? A guide for overseas students for plab.

See the requirements for Plab Exam that are recognized by GMC.

For Plab Exam first got your Primary Medical Qualification.

For the Plab exam, you have a proper degree such as MBBS and PMQ without these qualifications you can’t sit in the Plab examination. First, you should have registration yourself with the general medical council. If you have a proper internship/house job then you will be fully eligible for General medical council registration.

See the requirements for Plab Exam that are recognized by GMC.

§  Acceptable Internship.

§  English Language certification require

§  PLAB 1

§  EPIC Verification of your credentials

§  EPIC verified your credentials

§  For PLAB two visiting uk

§  Applying for GMC registration

§  Seeking NHS jobs

§  Applying for Tier 2 (work) Visa

How long can the entire PLAB journey take? How much time is needed for the entire plab?

The duration of the entire PLAB journey can vary depending on individual factors such as preparation time, availability of exam dates, and personal circumstances. However, here's a general timeline that can give you an idea of how long the PLAB journey may take:

PLAB 1 Preparation: The time required for PLAB 1 preparation will depend on your prior knowledge and the amount of time you can dedicate to studying. Some IMGs may require a few months of intensive preparation, while others may need longer. It's recommended to allocate a few months for thorough preparation.

PLAB 1 Exam: Once you feel adequately prepared, you can schedule your PLAB 1 exam. The availability of exam dates may vary, so it's advisable to plan in advance and secure a suitable date. After taking the exam, you will need to wait for the results, which are typically released within a few weeks.

PLAB 2 Preparation: After successfully passing PLAB 1, you can start preparing for PLAB 2. This stage involves developing clinical skills, practicing communication and examination techniques, and familiarizing yourself with the OSCE format. The duration of PLAB 2 preparation can range from a few months to several months, depending on your individual needs and study schedule.


PLAB 2 Exam: Once you feel confident in your preparation, you can register for the PLAB 2 exam. As with PLAB 1, the availability of exam dates may vary, so it's advisable to plan accordingly. After taking the exam, you will need to wait for the results, which are typically released within a few weeks.

Additional Considerations: It's important to note that there may be additional factors that can impact the overall duration of the PLAB journey. These can include waiting periods between exams, the need to retake exams if unsuccessful, visa processing time (if applicable), and the time required for any necessary internship or residency periods.

Taking all these factors into account, the entire PLAB journey, from starting preparation for PLAB 1 to receiving the results of PLAB 2, can generally range from around 6 months to 1 year or longer. However, it's crucial to remember that this timeline can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and factors beyond your control. It's always recommended to plan ahead, allow for flexibility, and be prepared for potential adjustments to the timeline.

PLAB cost?

The cost of the PLAB journey can vary depending on several factors, including your location, study materials, travel expenses, and visa fees. Here are some common expenses associated with the PLAB journey:

PLAB Exam Fees: The PLAB exam consists of two parts, PLAB 1 and PLAB 2, each with its own examination fee. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the fees for PLAB 1 were £230 and for PLAB 2 were £875. However, please note that exam fees can change over time, so it's essential to check the official GMC website for the most up-to-date fees.

Study Materials: The cost of study materials will depend on your preferred resources. This can include textbooks, online question banks, review courses, and other educational materials. The prices can vary, but it's important to invest in quality resources to help you prepare effectively for the exams.

Travel Expenses: If you are an international candidate, you may need to travel to the United Kingdom to take the PLAB exams. This will incur expenses such as airfare, accommodation, local transportation, and meals. The actual costs will depend on your location and the duration of your stay.

Visa Costs: If you require a visa to travel to the United Kingdom for the PLAB exams, you will need to consider the associated visa fees. The visa requirements and costs can vary depending on your nationality and the type of visa you need. Check the official UK government website for the most up-to-date visa information and fees.

Living Expenses: If you plan to stay in the United Kingdom for an extended period to prepare for the exams or for the clinical component of PLAB 2, you will need to factor in living expenses such as accommodation, food, utilities, and other daily expenses.

Additional Courses or Training: Some IMGs choose to enroll in preparatory courses or training programs to enhance their skills and improve their chances of success in the PLAB exams. These additional courses can incur additional costs, so it's important to consider them when planning your budget.

It's challenging to provide an exact figure for the total cost of the PLAB journey as it will vary depending on individual circumstances and choices. However, it's advisable to budget for exam fees, study materials, travel expenses, visa costs, and living expenses to ensure you have a realistic estimate of the overall expenditure.

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