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Why Study in computer science in year 2023?

Computer Science study importance:

This Computer Science degree program is very comprehensive and outstanding in terms of content. We can learn about the latest technology trends and gain theoretical knowledge about software development. Throughout this degree, we have focused on the core areas such as software development, multimedia, networks, computation-related concepts, databases, and operating systems in professional ways. This computer science degree has been accredited by many professional bodies such as the chartered institute for IT and many more.

Why Study in computer science in year 2023?

Three new and exciting degrees in Computer Science that focus on industrial skills and employability.

Computer Science
Computer Science (User Experience and Design )
Computer Science (Data Science and AI)

Careers after Computer Science Degree:

From a career perspective, this degree has offered numerous employment opportunities to recent graduates. They are working in top-notch organizations in the world as software development, the gaming industry, cloud and web-based industries, health, project management, systems analysis and security, information, and database management.

Common job after the Computer science degree:

Software Engineer,
Data Engineer,
Data Analyst,
Content Designer,
User Researcher,
Performance Analyst,
Technical Lead,

Recent employers are working in world top-notch companies:

JP Morgan


we want to create new employment opportunities for our people because it is the only way through which we could eradicate poverty from our world. We can create better future opportunities for our new generation and we wanted to improve our Technology sector with the help of this degree.

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