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Why study pharmacology & pharmacy degree and what career options for students?

The Bachelor of Pharmacology is a four-year program that provides a comprehensive overview of health and health care.

Why Study in Bachelor Pharmacology?

The Bachelor of Pharmacology is a four-year program that provides a comprehensive overview of health and health care, including biomedicine, healthcare ethics, public health, psychology, and nutrition. Receive a solid foundation that will allow us to move into a clinical or non-clinical career. This is an excellent pathway into postgraduate health programs, including medicine. Choose to major in Health Promotion, Nutrition, or Public Health. We will study a range of specialized courses during my third year and will also undertake health and management-related electives. Get hands-on experience, integrate my knowledge, and develop key professional skills in a busy health setting as we undertake supervised work experience in our final year. A bachelor of pharmacology prepares or, helps to tackle current and future health medicines and the well-being needs of individuals, communities, and populations, both locally and globally. It offers a detailed overview of healthcare and is the perfect springboard to a variety of clinical and non-clinical careers in the healthcare sector. In Bachelor of Pharmacology, we study these topics throughout this degree. Gain a strong foundation in medicine.

Understand the current and future health needs of the community medicines:

Specialize in a health discipline.
Gain work experience in my area of specialization
we will specialize in medicines that equip me with the skills to improve population health and wellbeing.

we are responsible to enroll correctly according to course requisites, program rules, and requirements and be aware of the academic calendar. Under this course, we need to study units such as Communication and Thought, Introduction to Medicine, Public health foundations, Science research methods, Human resource management, environmental health medicine, Functional Anatomy, drug and sedative medicine, etc.

The Bachelor of Pharmacology has many career opportunities: 

Narcotics officer.
Health promotion officer
Prosthetist and/or orthoptist
Medicine & Health communication specialist.


Study a bachelor of pharmacology provides a comprehensive overview of health and healthcare, including biomedicine, healthcare, sedative medicine, and drugs. As per the research, the potential field of employment includes environmental health officer, epidemiologist, health education officer, project manager, and many more. We would be able to get employed in much reputed big organizations like, WHO, ADRA and many more. Moreover, the field of pharmacology is constantly evolving, with new drugs and treatments being developed all the time. As a result, pharmacology offers a wealth of opportunities for research and innovation, which is particularly exciting to us. We are keen to contribute to this dynamic field by conducting research that can improve our understanding of the mechanisms of drugs and lead to the development of new treatments that can benefit patients. This course has a hundred percent employability rate.

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