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Riphah International University Admissions are Open 2023

Why Pakistani Student choose to Riphah University?

Riphah University is Ranked in Top 10 Universities of The Pakistan.

Riphah University is known for its academic excellence and commitment to providing quality education. It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, which is the regulatory body for higher education in the country. This accreditation ensures that the university meets certain standards of quality education. Riphah University offers a range of specialized programs tailored to meet the needs of various industries. The university emphasizes research and encourages students to engage in research activities. University has established strong links with industry and professional organizations. These connections provide students with opportunities for internships, practical training, and industry collaborations, which can enhance their employability and help them develop practical skills. It has well-equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and computer facilities. The university also provides facilities for extracurricular activities, sports, and student societies, promoting a well-rounded educational experience. It provides an environment that fosters cultural exchange and encourages students to develop a global perspective. Riphah University offers affordable tuition fees and scholarships to support students in their academic journey.

Riphah International University Admissions Open 2023 for Undergraduation and Postgraduation courses.

Riphah International University Admissions Open 2023 for under graduation and Postgraduation courses:

DP Fashion Design (2 Years)

ADP Food Science A Technology (2 Years)

ADP Psychology 12 Years)

ADP Medical laboratory Technology (2 Years)

ADP Medical Imaging Technology (2 Years)

ADP Math (2 Years)

ADP Physics (2 Years)

ADP English (2 Years)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (OPT 5 Years)

BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics (BS-HND 4 Years)

BS Medical Laboratory Technology (85-MIT 4 Years)

BS Speech Language Pathology 113S-SLP 4 Years)

BS Optometry & Orthoptics (85.004 Years)

BS Medical Imaging Technology (135-MIT 4 Years)

BS Operation Theater Technology (4 Years)

BS Dental Technology (4 Years)

BS Aesthetic and Cosmetic technology (I Years)

BS Medical Ultrasound Technology (1 Years)

BS Neurophysiology Technology 14 Years)

BS Food Science A Technology 14 Years)

BS Biotechnology (4 Years)

MS Speech Language Pathology 1MS-SLP 2 Years)

MS Human Nutrition A Dietetics (MS-HNO 2 Years)

MS Medical Laboratory Sciences IMS-MLS 2 Years)

MS Physical Therapy (2 Years)

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT)

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMPT)

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy (CPPT)

Sports Physical Therapy (SPT)

Women Health Physical Therapy MOM

Pediatric Physical Therapy (PPI)

PhD Human Nutrition A Dietetics

PhD Medical Laboratory Sciences

BS Computer Science 14 Years)

BS Software Engineering (4 Years)

BS Information Technology (4 Years)

BS Data Science (4 Years)

BS Cyber Security (4 Years)

BS Computer Graphics & Visualization (4 Years)

MS Computer Science (Evening Weekend. 2 Years)

MS Data Science

BS Mathematics (4 Years)

Data Science

Machine learning

Information Technology

Pure & Applied Mathematics

BS Mathematics (alter 14 years of education)

BS Physics (4 Years)

BS Physics (after 14 years of education)

MPH Physics (2 Years)

MPhil Mathematics (2 Years)

PhD Physics

PhD Mathematics

Deadline for admission apply:

23 July 2023



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