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UK student dependent visa new rules 2023 for international student

Visa Update: UK student dependent visa new policies for international students year 2023


On 17 July 2023, changes to the student route will take effect, following the announcement made by the Home Secretary on 23 May 2023. The two changes are:

  1. From onwards international students not bring dependents. Only dependents are allow if the main applicant is enroll only research relating courses.
  2. The students can not change their tier 4 visa into tier 2 visa till when their degree is not completed.

Q. What about students who apply before 17 July 2023 to bring dependents on courses starting after 1 January 2024?

Their application will be dealt with under the rules in force at the time they submitted their application.

Q. What about 2-year integrated programmes with an integrated premaster and research master programme?

These Students will still be able to bring dependents. The course level on the CAS must reflect the exit qualification

Q. Can dependents extend their permission to stay in the UK if the student needs more time to complete their course, but the course no is no longer eligible for dependents?

Dependents that are already in the UK can extend their permission if the main applicant is granted further leave to remain under the Student route.

Q. Can dependents of students who have started their course in Autumn 2023, come into the UK after January 2024?

• The changes will affect students who are starting their courses from 1 January 2024 onwards.

• These changes will not affect dependents of overseas students where the student is already in the UK on their course of study.

Q. Why are you stopping students switching to the Skilled Worker route part way through their course?

• The main purpose of the Student route is to enable applicants to undertake a course of study within the UK. We want to ensure that applicants are coming to the UK to study rather than to work. There are other routes available for those whose primary focus is to work.

Q. What work routes will be affected?

• Skilled Worker (including Health & Care Worker) (lead applicants and dependents)

• Global Business Mobility x 5 routes (lead applicants and dependents)

• Minister of Religion (lead applicants and dependents)

• Representative of Overseas Business (lead applicants and dependents)

• UK Ancestry (dependents only)

• Global Talent (lead applicants and dependents)

• High Potential Individual (lead applicants and dependents)

• Scale-up (lead applicants and dependents)

• Innovator Founder (lead applicants and dependents)

• International Sportsperson (lead applicants and dependents)

• Creative Worker (dependents only)

• Religious Worker (dependents only)

• Charity Worker (dependents only)

• International Agreement (dependents only)

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