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University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Admissions Open Fall 2023

The University of Engineering and Technology is only in Pakistani University that is consistently ranked in QS World University Ranking year 2023.

Why we Choose UET University Lahore?

The University of Engineering and Technology is only in Pakistani University that is consistently ranked in QS World University Ranking year 2023.UET University is famous for academic excellence in the Asia for Pakistani and international students.

UET Lahore admissions open fall 2023

These admissions are open for programs offered in: morning (m), evening (e) and weekend M.Sc. / M. Phil. / Masters / MS 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering 

1. M.Sc. Electrical Engineering LHR(E), KSK (W) and FSD (E)

2. M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence (E)

3. M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering (KSK) (E)

4. M.Sc. Computer Engineering (M/E)

5. M.Sc. Computer Science LHR (E/W), KSK (M) and NWL (E)

6. M.Sc. Data Science (E)

7. M.Sc. Software Engineering (W)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

8. M.Sc. Thermal Power Engineering (E)

9. M.Sc. Mechanical Design Engineering (E)

10. M.Sc. Automotive Engineering (E/W)

11. M.Sc. Renewable Energy Systems Engineering (E)

12. M.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering (E) 

13. M.Sc. Engineering Management (E)

14. M.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering, LHR (E) and FSD (E)

15. M.Sc. Energy Engineering (KSK) (E)

16. M.Sc. Thermo-fluid Engineering (KSK) (E)

17. M.Sc. Textile & Materials Engineering (FSD) (E)

Faculty of Civil Engineering

18. M.Sc. Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering (E/W)

19. M.Sc. Geotechnical Engineering (E/W)

20. M.Sc. Structural Engineering (E/W)

21. M.Sc. Transportation Engineering (E/W)

22. M.Sc. Transportation Informatics (E/W)

23. M.Sc. Environmental Engineering (E)

24. M.Sc. Building Engineering (E)

25. M.Sc. Construction Management (W)

26. M.Phil Environmental Sciences (E)

Center of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering (CEWRE)

27. M.Sc. Engineering Hydrology (M/E)

28. M.Sc. Hydropower Engineering (M/E)

29. M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering (M/E)

30. M.Sc. Water Resources Management (M/E)

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

31. M.Sc. Chemical Engineering (LHR and FSD) (E)

32. M.Sc. Polymer and Process Engineering (M/E)

33. M.Sc. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (E)

34. M.Sc. Surface Science & Engineering (E)

35. MS Safety, Health and Environment (KSK) (E)

Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering

36. M.Sc. Mining Engineering (E/W)

37. M.Sc. Tunneling and Underground Excavation

38. M.Sc. Geological Engineering (E)

39. M.Sc. Geological Sciences (E)

40. M.Sc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering (M/E)

Faculty of Architecture & Planning

41. Master's degree in Architecture (W)

42. M.Sc. City & Regional Planning (W)

43. M.Sc. Community Development & Environmental

44. M.Sc. Disaster Management (W)

45. Master's in Product and Industrial Design (M/E)

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities and Islamic Studies

46. M.Phil. Applied Chemistry LHR (M/E/W), KSK (M) and

47. M.Phil. Food Science and Technology (M/E/W)

48. M.Phil. Applied Mathematics (M/E)

49. M.Phil. Applied Physics (M/E)

50. M.Phil. Nano Science and Technology (M/E)

52. Executive MBA (W)


1. Accredited undergraduate degree in relevant discipline from an HEC recognized University.

2. Candidates must have earned a 16 years B.Sc./B.E./BS degree, or equivalent, in the relevant discipline in first division or with a CGPA of 2.5 out of a maximum of 4.0 (in case, applicant's transcript shows percentage as well as CGPA, CGPA would be considered for eligibility. CGPA on a scale other than 4.0 would be translated accordingly).


Ø  For filling the application online and for viewing eligibility requirements of each program, visit our   admission portal: i.e., admission.uet.edu.pk. and prospectus is available on our admission portal.

Ø  Separate applications are required for applying in multiple programs, whether being offered in  morning, evening or on weekends, in each discipline. For further details see the prospectus.

Ø  The admission process will start from July 17, 2023. The applicant needs to log on to our admission website.

Ø  portal via a token on payment of Rs.1,700/-. The token number can be obtained in two ways: (a)

Ø  through HBL online banking if you are an HBL account holder, or (b) through HBL KONNECT if you are not an HBL account holder. In either case the token number is your challan number, which is valid until August 08, 2023.

Ø  Relevant documents need to be scanned and uploaded with your application. For details visit our admission portal.

Ø  A Test (80% will be related to your relevant subject and remaining 20% will be general), prepared by  the concerned departments, will be conducted for all disciplines from August 9, 2023 to August 11,

Ø  Interview of candidates, scoring at least 50% raw score in the test, will be held from August 15,  2023 to August 18, 2023 in respective departments.

Ø  Merit Aggregate Formula for M.Sc./M.Phil./Master/MS admissions is: (1) 16 years weight: 40%;  (2) Test weight: 40%; (3) Interview weight: 20%.

Ø  Admission offers will start from Friday, August 25, 2023, while classes will commence from  Monday, September 04, 2023.

Ø  Hostel Accommodation is provided subject to availability of space.

Ø  A 30 credit hours MBA is offered for those applicants who have an undergraduate degree in   business, while a 60 credit hours MBA is offered for others. For details kindly visit ibm-uet.edu.pk.

Ø  Only those programs will be offered in Evening and on Weekends in which enrolment is at least ten.

Ø  Classes will be conducted on the weekends from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power (Private) Limited, which operates 1180 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bhikki Sheikhupura, is offering a limited number of fully-funded scholarships along with fiscal incentives, subject to fulfilment of certain terms and conditions, to Electrical and Mechanical Engineering applicants. For details, kindly contact the relevant Department.

Few scholarships are available for students admitted in CEWRE.

Note: Application sent via post/courier or submitted by-hand will not be entertained.

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