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What Is Guaranteed Investment Certificate and How it is helping students to study in Canada?

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is one of emerging study abroad destination for international students. The scope of studying in Canada is providing a broad and diverse culture as well as wide range of educational opportunities in various fields and disciplines. Canada is well reputed for its high-quality study, top rank universities of the world and welcoming environment for foreign students. The Canadian universities are offering cutting edge research opportunities and up to mark academic programs. The universities like such as university of British Columbia, university of Toronto, McGill university and many more are recognized for their quality of education and well research. universities in Canada are requiring sufficient funds for first year of study at university and make sure that students have enough funds to support their study. Students are purchasing a GIC account if they are not supporting their finance throughout study year.

How it is helping students to study in Canada?

What is Guaranteed Investment Certificate

Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a financial requirement for students who are planning to study in Canada. GIC is showing Financial prove as well as proof of enough funds that is covering living expense during study period. Money of this account is held for at least for 12 months and student cannot withdraw their money.

What are the benefits of GIC for study visa in Canada

Guaranteed Investment Certificate is showing as an official proof enough funds to cover the financial requirements for a study application in Canada. In this section we are going to highlight some important points regarding GIC for Canadian study visa. Guaranteed Investment Certificate is considered very low risky investment for the students . It is helping the students to managing their budget and financial planning.

Canada Universities study visa from Pakistan

Key Factors when you are buying A GIC to study in Canada
When you are purchasing a guaranteed investment certificate as a international students. In this section we are going point out some important factor. If you are choosing Canada a top priority for higher study then you should choose a well reputable Canadian institution that offer guaranteed investment certificate for students. First you will understand the terms and conditions of the GIC in which including are interest rates, customer services, and research the institution’s reliability. GICs interest rates are vary financial institutions wise and should you compare them before purchasing. One important thing is that your living expenses are matching with your payout schedule. GICs is usually in your account for the first year of study. First you should learn how you can access your guaranteed investment certificate that are associated with your account and you are aware of penalties if you are amount withdrawal early.

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