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Reasons to choose University of Manchester I Study Upmark

Reasons to choose University of Manchester:

University of Manchester is a top-notch and oldest institution for provided quality education since 1824 and also part of the prestigious Russell group. University is offering multiple courses in a different discipline to international students with real hand experience. It is a diverse and multicultural university that has comprised of 160 nationalities across the globe. While it is a Manchester city-based university. In addition, University has strong global and domestic ties with famous organizations like the Public health UK, NHS, and many more. These will be given broad opportunities to students in this relevant field for getting practical experience. And It is one of the favorite cities for students living in the UK from a long time for the quality education perspective view, accommodations and other students’ experiences.

The University of Manchester Rankings and reputation

University of Manchester Reputation and rankings:

According to QS ranking university of Manchester is coming at 27 across the world, in Europe at 8 while in the UK, it is considered the most top-ranked university which is coming at top 6.

Manchester city:

Manchester city is very popular amongst international students because more than 3000 students are living here which are coming from different 120 countries of the world and it is the most visited city by international tourists. More than 200 languages are spoken that made a most linguistically rich city in Western Europe and famous as an industrial city. This city is famous for sports and football clubs such as Manchester City FC and Manchester United FC and This city has the second biggest Chinatown in the region.

Manchester Facts for international students:

  • World first an atom was split in the Manchester city.
  • Manchester is famous for languages in the world over 200 languages are spoken in this city.
  • Manchester was famous for rolls Royce because first story is began from here.
  • Manchester and Peaky Blinders have deep bond.


What rank is Manchester University UK?

It is considered top ranked university in the UK QS 2023 ranking is 6 in the UK, Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings (2023) is 1 in the UK and according to Times Higher Education (2023) the university of Manchester is ranked 8th in the UK.

Is Manchester expensive for students?

Manchester is very affordable cities in the UK for international students as compared to London.

Does University of Manchester require ielts?

Yes ielts is necessary for international students from 6.0 to 7.0 and it totally depending courses to courses.

What are the top subjects at Manchester University?

MBA , Marketing and business relating courses are popular at the university of Manchester while Alliance Manchester Business School UK is world famous school for international students.

Is Manchester cheaper than London?

What is the cost of living in Manchester?

For international students cost of living in Manchester city is 9206 Stirling pounds per year.

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