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Why choose University of Glasgow and Why study in Glasgow?

Why choose University of Glasgow?

University of Glasgow is Part of the prestigious Russell Group, a world class, research-intensive universities in the UK. The 4th oldest university in the UK.

Why choose University of Glasgow

Rankings and Awards:

UK top 15 university.
World top 100 university.
World top 20 university for sustainability.
Scottish University of the Year 2024.

Why study in Glasgow?

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and research programmes on diverse topics, with scholarships and flexible study options.

6 areas of research excellence: Precision Medicine & Chronic Diseases, Cultural & Creative Economies, Future Life, One Health, Addressing Inequalities, and the Nano & Quantum World.

Diverse community with students and staff from over 140 countries.

World-leading research that has received national and international recognition and awards for its positive impact on society.

University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, is now accepting the Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT) as proof of English language proficiency.
The University of Glasgow’s recognition of the Oxford ELLT creates new academic opportunities for students seeking success at a prestigious university in the UK.


What are the best subjects at University of Glasgow?

Physiology, Anatomy, Veterinary science and Medicine relating best subjects at University of Glasgow.

Is Glasgow a good city to study?

Yes it is best city for international students and it is ranked top 10 in Europe while 25 globally for quality education. 

What is Glasgow University ranked in the UK 2023?

University of Glasgow is ranked 82th in Times Higher Education 2023.

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