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Why Choose a Career in Data Science?

Data Science Study is Why important in today?

Today data and information are a key part of our economy, business, culture life and society. Over time, our life has been changing with advance technology. Today we cannot deny the importance of data science. It is an interdisciplinary field, we cannot survive today without data science because it gives us a piece of proper information about our analysis. Through data science, gigantic companies are seeking where their customer’s preferences meet and make comparisons to competition, analyze the market, where product or services will sell best and their future sales. Data science is the future of AI that way we are choosing this degree for our bright future. In this degree, we will cover all modules like Modern Optimization, Applied Statistics, Advanced Databases, Big Data Management, Data Mining, Web Social Media Analytics and Visualization and many more . As well as the course will cover the important computing concepts and foundation of theoretical basis as well as develop a critical analysis of data science and Al. This course has been the collaboration with different commercial partners such as IBM and other famous organization. In this this degree we will able to to learn how to make effective strategies for Global Business Strategy with the use of data analyses. Students have also the opportunities of doing projects in organizations to get exposure. The degree content includes basics and advanced levels of Python, MS Azure, SPSS and Operation strategy.

Data Science Careers:
Why Choose Computer Science as Career

Data Science Careers:

Most students are working as as a data analyst, Business analyst and Digital marketing analyst in different organizations like P&G, and Unilever Pakistan, Hewlett Packard, Bell Micro, BT, Cap Gemini, Cisco, Deloitte, Ericsson, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel Corporation. They will try to contribute to the industry by making effective strategies in a professional environment. Besides career growth of this field is fast because we have a number of opportunities available in our relevant fields.


Where is data science used?
It is used in e-commerce, transport, finance and banking and education. With the help of Data science we are making various applications that are used in our daily life.

Why to choose M.Sc. data science?
Data Science is fast growing fields in today . Hundred percent job ratio and highly demand profession in the world.

What is interesting about data science?
It is best degree because in which you are studying about Big data, AL and machine learning.

What are the 3 main uses of data science?
Recommendation Systems.
Fraud Detection.

What makes you unique as a data scientist?
Data that is statistical form and analyze date.

What is data science in simple words?
Data science give us well information about our business.

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