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Top Career options after 12th class for Pakistani students

Top Career options after 12th class for Pakistani students

Careers opportunities in Pakistan after intermediate students have too much important and is playing an important role for them. As you know Pakistan is developing country and most families are facing financial cries due to this most students are working because they support their families. In this article we are going to explain in a professional way that what are top career options in Pakistan after 12th class. students are not aware from them about career selection and sometimes the student got wrong decision that they go to such fields that are not suitable for them.

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Best Jobs career in Pakistan After 12th class 

Following are most demanded career to pursue in year 2023 after Intermediate in Pakistan


Medical studies in Pakistan and its related careers are considered best options for students. A number of career options are available in the medical field for girls and boys. It is high earn field from the point of salary and other perks. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of dental Surgery (BDS) apart from them. We have a number of other options such as biotechnology, audiology, dental technology, nutrition, physiotherapy and many more.

Business Administration:

Business administration is considered an ideal career for the students after done intermediate most students are getting their degree in different fields of business such as marketing, management, human resource management and Business Administration. In this field students are learning how to manage businesses and administration skills and looking all aspects of business operations of the big companies.


Career in engineering field is considered top in Pakistan for boys who have done their 12th in Pre-engineering subject. There are many best Pakistani universities that are offering best engineering degrees for the student such as GIKI, UET, FAST and NUST. There are many branches of engineering such as electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, Solar Engineering, Wind Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil engineering and computer engineering are available for the students. Mostly engineers are earning tentative in three lakhs plus in Pakistan so that is the main reasons to choose this career.

 Computer & Information Technology:

After the covid 19 the demand of computer and technology relating courses are increase while artificial intelligence has changed everything in the current situation so that is why it is ideal field for boys. The field has vast scope due to its various courses that are offering to the students and many fields of computer where we can work as database administration officer, programmer, web developer, data expert, IT manager and networking expert in top Pakistani IT companies such as system, TRG Pakistan, Venture Dive, Ovex Technologies, NETSOL Technologies Etc.

Career in Telecommunication:

Telecommunication is best career option for boys but we have noticed that with the passage of time this field has changed because most girls are choosing this filed as their career. Now a days we are looking that there are many call centers are open and telecom companies.


Law fields is best for those students who have good command of speaking, writing skills. If you want to become lawyer in Pakistan then you should have a LLB or LLM degree from famous Pakistani universities. Law field has many career options for students they can work as judge, solicitor, Barrister and lawyer. Best law universities in Pakistan that are offering degree in the field of law such as University of Punjab, University of Lahore, Bahauddin Zakariya University, LUMS, University of Lahore, IIU, Islamia college university.

Career in Banking and Finance:

Banking and Finance is best career pathway after intermediate in Pakistan for the students. It is best profession for both boys and girls in the banking sector. There are number of jobs are available for finance graduate as they can work as business developer managers, accountant and Cashier in the famous Pakistani banks.

Fashion and Designing:

Career in fashion designing is best option for girls after done their intermediate from Pakistan. In the current situation this trend has changed because most boys are coming in this field. Fashion designing jobs career in Pakistan after done bachelor degree such as Fashion designer, merchandiser, costume designer, illustrator, fashion publicist, fashion curator, and fashion product promoters.


Those students who want to join pharmacy field as a career it is best ideal options for boys. Pharmacy field has good scope in the current situation. The student who has done their degree in pharmacy they can work in pharmaceutical production field, microbial field.


Career in biotechnology in Pakistan has vest scope for the students those who have done their bachelor degree in Biotechnology. It is high demand field in Pakistan because in which we are working on medicine with the help of latest technology and improving the quality of medicine. There are number of areas where mostly students are working such as pharmaceutical industry, Biology labs, Education Department, Medical research centers and agriculture.


If we can conclusion of the whole above-mentioned discussion that there are many important career options are available in Pakistan after 12th class. The most important thing is that the students should have complete and accurate research about various career fields professionally fit and take it seriously because it is matter of their whole future career life.

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